Does “daiso” mean anything in Japanese?

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  • Buddha-rama
    1 month ago

    Daisou 代走 (だいそう)means pinch runner (in baseball).

    Daiso 大粗 (だいそ)means course (the opposite of fine, used to describe the size of particles)

  • Ken Y-N
    1 month ago

    If you mean the 100 yen shop chain, then Daiso is just the name of the company in English; it’s 株式会社大創産業, Kabushikigaisha Daiso Sangyo, or Daiso Sangyo Inc.

    That’s a bit boring really, I was hoping for a more interesting name origin!

  • Pneurbies
    6 days ago

    Funny, I was just telling an Indian friend about Daiso, and he said “150?” And I thought he knew what it was, but he said that Daiso means 150 in Hindi, and he’s never heard of the store. And in America, everything there costs $1.50. Just a random coincidence, I guess!

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Daiso Definition

  • michinoku2001
    1 month ago

    I would think of daiso as meaning pinch runner.

  • Jefferson
    6 days ago

    it was coined by an American visiting the store one day…and jokingly said…DAISO CHEAP!!!! just kidding

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