does “belly dancing” make your hips get wider?

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  • lizwatson109
    2 decades ago

    I would imagine that learning to use those muscles and building their strength might make them a little bit wider, but if you are fairly straight-figured, I wouldn’t take up belly-dancing expecting to get to an hour-glass figure.

  • Wayne
    5 days ago


  • Pinky
    2 decades ago


    Of course not!!!

    I come from a country where (Belly Dancing) is considered …….. LOL!!!

    And I tell you this: Belly Dancing does NOT make your hips get wider.

    Just because you’ve seen “Shakira” or another Belly Dancer Artist who has a wide hips that doesn’t mean that it will make your hips go wider after dancing for a certain time.

    No dear… It doesn’t do that to your body.

  • elvera
    5 days ago

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  • Goose&Tonic
    2 decades ago

    NO. It will work the hip muscles which will cause you to develop muscle there, but it will not make your actual hips wider. Bellydancing is an excellent form of exercise, both aerobic and muscular. There are several great DVDs or videos you can buy from amazon, they’ll teach you the moves and helpyou get in shape.

  • Triddine
    2 decades ago

    Wider hips? Nope – more flexible CERTAINLY!!!

    Hip flexors are VERY difficult to stretch / workout / keep flexible – however with BD they are engaged during most of the song or workout –

    ISOLATIONS – that’s what BD is all about – having your chest move WITHOUT moving your hips to ballance – moving your hips, but not taking your ribs along for the ride –

    Keep Shimmying!!!

  • tsclark06
    2 decades ago

    No it doesn’t make your hips wider, your hip structure stays the same. Belly dancin burns the fat and extra meat from your stomach & waist area which makes the illusion that your hips got bigger when in reality you just lost weight inyour abdominal area.

  • Vidra
    2 decades ago

    Belly dancing is supposed to make your stomach flatter

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    All the belly dancers I’ve met have nice wide hips. 🙂

  • old lady
    2 decades ago

    If anything, it will make your hips get narrower, because you are exercising your abdomen, lower trunk and upper thighs. Those muscles will tighten, become stronger and give you a leaner look through the torso.

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