does anyone know where i can buy fertile parakeet eggs online?

hello everyone does anyone know where i can get fertile parakeet eggs for hatching? i got a incubator for christmas and am willing to take on the responsibility of hatching baby parakeets. thank you for your help!!

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  • nixity
    1 month ago

    Whatever you do, do NOT buy in (no pun intended) to that website posted.

    These people claiming to be selling large parrots eggs are likely SCAMMING un-knowing individuals like yourself.

    No reputable breeder would ever sell parrot (or even parakeet) eggs online.


    Because we can make THREE TIMES as much money by letting our birds parent incubate the eggs and the babies and sell the birds for more money than what these eggs are going for.

    Why is it easy to scam people?

    Because people are NAIVE. The average fertility of a common shipping egg (it is very common to ship poultry eggs) drops by about 15-20% when shipped *if* it is packaged properly.

    However, there is no real packaging in place marketed towards these smaller exotic eggs.

    Just the normal jarring boxes go through in transport is enough to destroy the potential embryo to the point that it is no longer viable.

    You can’t expect to get birds like this from breeders in “fertile eggs.”

    These people are likely sending out pigeon eggs or claiming they are something they’re not – or just simply sending out duds.

    Because there is no way to prove that shipping wasn’t the factor, you will ALWAYS lose the battle to get refunded money for eggs that don’t hatch that were shipped.

    There are almost always clauses (even on poultry eggs) that indicate the viability of the embryo is questionable when they are shipped, removing any liability from the shipper if the eggs do not hatch.

    Parakeets can be purchased from breeders for a mere $10 or so each, why not just buy the birds?

    It is extremely difficult to hand raised a parrot (or parakeet) from day 1 and MOST breeders do not do this.

    They don’t even pull their own hand fed chicks until they are 2-3 weeks of age already!

    There is also the issue of hand feeding itself.

    It’s not as simple as just getting hand feeding formula and going from there.

    You also need medistatin or nystatin to mix with the formula to prevent problems with yeast associated with hand feeding.

    It’s just amazing what some people will fall for.

  • noguchi
    5 days ago

    Parakeets For Sale Online

  • Joe
    5 days ago

    I have a bunch of fertile parakeet eggs from my hobby aviary. I’m not a dealer, or a “reputable” breeder, I generally collect and discard the eggs as they are laid. However, if your experienced at hand rearing and pay for shipping costs I would be willing to try shipping some to you. I have had chicken eggs shipped to me in the past, I incubated those eggs and had 7 out of 13 hatch out, pretty good for shipped eggs and a cheap incubator, so I think the more parakeet eggs that are shipped together the higher the odds at least one will make it to hatch. When my flock reared chicks last year I had beautiful colored offspring, yellows with red eyes, green and yellow, white and blue, blue and yellow, and royal blue-lavender. However, this time of year egg production is slow and the best eggs for hatching will probably happen in early spring.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Hi, please do not fall for the trick that scammers do with selling fertilized eggs online. They have TONS of websites stating that they sell fertile eggs of a variety of birds, when really they will sell you unfertilized eggs of any type. They will just upload a picture of the eggs they will sell you and swap them out making you pay a lot of money for nothing.

  • Ewa
    5 days ago

    No, there’s no way an egg can survive the bumpiness and stay warm enough shipping. Also, hand-rearing chicks is extremely difficult and even the professionals have trouble sometimes.

  • Nikki☮
    1 month ago

    You can’t they are all scams.

    You can find a local breeder and ask for one of his.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Do you have SUCKER painted on your forehead??? Wow,that’s just asking to get screwed,kid.

  • jdnwallace
    1 month ago

    buy a male and female and breed them

  • asim k
    1 month ago

    buy a male and female and breed them

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