Does anyone know what the letters “SMA” stand for on a NYS license plate?

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  • xwdguy
    1 month ago

    State Magistrates Association

    For sitting or retired town or village justices.

  • tedman
    5 days ago

    Nys Vanity Plates

  • trip
    4 days ago

    as long as no person forces me to place a go on my plates, and as long with the aid of fact the guy in question bears the value for the realm of expertise plates, i do no longer care. in my view, I even have ham radio operator plates on my Jeep, and the state foots element of the bill for that, yet that’s with the aid of fact we are people who help others in an emergency situation (element of the clarification we’ve the license interior the 1st place) and are not getting reimbursed for what we do. In Colorado, the place I used to stay, they’ll effectively make ANY plate you want (as long because it somewhat is no longer obscene) as long as 2 hundred people commit to purchase it and pay for theirs up front (or a minimum of they might as quickly as I lived there 3 years in the past). i think of maximum states have something corresponding to this.

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