does anyone know how to put a curve on a volleyball when serving it?

i wanna learn(:

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  • VB Coach
    1 month ago

    If you already have topspin on your serve, you can add some side spin to it also. If you’re serving from the right back position, try rotating your hand so that your thumb ends up pointing up. That will help the ball curve to your left so it slices across the court. That serve is very effective because it moves away from the center of the court.

    Conversely, when standing on the left side of the service line, if you rotate your thumb down while contacting the ball, you’ll create side spin that takes the ball to your right. I like this serve when the opponent’s hitters are stacked on the right side of the court because it really disrupts traffic and makes it difficult for the passer (usually the outside hitter) to get into position to hit.

    But then I am evil. 🙂

  • redsoxrock54
    1 month ago

    If you want a “drop serve” or “knuckle serve”, then you hold the ball with the needle side UP. The ball will want to reverse itself so that the needle side is down. As this happens, the ball wiggles, much like a knuckle ball in baseball.

    To put topspin on the ball, put a spin on your toss, flicking it into the air.

    You don’t want to put a “curve” on the ball so much as a spin.

  • David N
    1 month ago

    Dont hit the ball directly on in middle. When hitting you make it so you still have contact but ur hand is sliding across a side of the ball. What that does it make the ball start spinning and in the direction your hand slid forward against thus making the ball spin.

  • Coop2012
    1 month ago

    well i start to practice by spinning the ball in different way every tim u seirive but it only works for over hand sevices too and i did this and it work but i have to do it perfect or it will go out

  • LuLu3
    1 month ago

    i think that you shoudl hit the side of it! it works for me

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