Do you think that Linemen should be able to wear Visors?

I play center for vars football and I get teased all the time for wearing a visor. I think the Linemen need it the most because they are the ones that can’t get anything in their face as the play is going on, if we can’t see the QB gets no protection.

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  • Warrior
    1 month ago


    You’re a lineman…you have 2 play blocking types (Pass or Run).

    You don’t need to see to pass block…you make a wall, keep your feet moving, and go until you hear the whistle.

    If it’s a run; whether you reach, post, or drive…you aren’t looking at anything anyways.

    You don’t wear a visor to see…

    you wear it for protection…

    but with the damage inflicted, flying plastic parts do more damage than any stray finger…so no…

    learn how to block and a Defender won’t poke your eyes out.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I always wore a clear visor to keep hands out of my face, and I was a 3 year starting QB. Lineman need visors more then anything, I can’t imagine how many time they get pocked in the eyes

  • Jack Davis
    7 days ago

    Even thouhg this is 6 days ago, why not wear one, im a defensive lineman and offensive lineman sometime grab my face mask, and i would recommend to wear on on a turf field becuase i had a piece of turf in my eye from tackling or falling.

  • Robert C
    1 month ago

    If our society was true and pure…you would be able to wear a visor.

    However, kids will be kids and will do drugs. I did.

    So the High School visor rule, while promoted as good because if you are injured the trainers won’t be able to see your eyes if you are wearing a visor….was actually put in place to make sure you didn’t hit the bong before the game.

    Not a bad rule. But if kids could be trusted, we would not need this rule.

  • VGpugs
    1 month ago

    yea- I hear ye…..hey poke the guy making fun of you in the eye. I’ll bet he’ll be wearing a visor soon.

  • Rob B
    1 month ago

    You’re a lineman. If someone is teasing you, knock him on his butt.

    If one of your backs is teasing you, tell your nose guard at practice when you give him the signal, you’re going to miss your block and give him a free shot at the back. When that guy complains about someone missing a block tell him “I must have gotten something in my eye.”

  • Nick S
    1 month ago

    Why do you care what anyone else thinks? If you’re a good lineman, tell ’em to go screw themselves. The game is won in the trenches.

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