do you have to be a licensed massage therapist to be a massage therapist in Japan?

I’m an a licensed massage here in Texas I started off under a doctor and now work my own business, my husband and I will be moving to Japan and I want to know what their laws are in Massage, cause I can not! fined the law of massage in Japan anywhere, do I need to go to school again and retake the test, can I just retake the test or do you not even have to be licensed, just good at it?

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  • thecheapest902
    8 days ago

    It depends on your visa status first of all.

    As the most likely case, your husband will have working visa and you as his wife will have family stay visa.

    But family stay visa does not allow you to work first of all. So you can’t work in Japan without getting your own visa.

    But working visa is for “employees”. And your case is not in this category if you want to open your own massage place. You have to apply for investors visa or something.

    Even if there is no legal problem any more, you can’t do massage so easily if you do not speak Japanese because communication between you and customer is required during massage.

  • mayedo
    5 days ago

    Japanese Massage Therapist

  • ?
    8 days ago

    As long as you have a legal visa that allows you to work in that field in Japan, you have related experience and someone willing to hire you then technically it is possible. May be hard securing work if you don’t speak any Japanese. Most massage therapists will have gained a licence or certification, otherwise you would be regarded as a trainee or an intern.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    You should go to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Japan and ask the staff there what type of Visa you would need in order to practice yoru trade in Japan. There are over 20 diffferent types of Visa in Japan. Japan is a highly regulated country, and to get a licence to practice nursing, for example, you need to be able to pass a rigorous test(all in Japanese, of course)..

    You MIGHT qualify for a ‘highly skilled’ WorkVisa, but the website of the Japanese Embassy does not specify what qualifies as ‘highly skilled’.

  • Vinegar Taster
    8 days ago

    You need a BA / BS degree to get a work visa. You would also need to know native level Japanese.

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