Do rappers wear Vans?

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  • Winter Glory
    1 month ago

    Honda Odyssey? Mini-van or cargo van?

    Aha ha ha ha ha!!! I kill me!!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Lil Wayne Wearing Vans

  • Raul P
    1 month ago

    Lil Wayne Pharell Lupe Fiasco

  • Nikki (Live like its your last)
    1 month ago

    LoL at zexec. you wear Fila still? ahhhh. Ok you wear what you want and don’t worry about what rappers are wearing. Good grief. I have 2 pair of Vans but I have a more Urban style. You just wear what makes you YOU. K go have fun

  • ?
    1 month ago

    only the white underground rappers do.

    vans is for pussy skaters.

  • ekenny513
    1 month ago

    why are u going to get some if they do?

    lol, it depends on the person and thier style….most ‘gansta rappers’ probably do not

  • St.Louis Chick
    1 month ago

    Pharrell does

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it depends on your swag. that aint me so i rock Nike, Timbs, Fila, Adidas, etc…if it looks fresh at the time i’m coppin it

    1 month ago


  • st
    1 month ago

    only the white ones do.

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