Do prayers really come true?

Sorry, If this sounds like a dumb question..I’ve never really been “religious”, my parents never really talked about god or anything like that. So as I got older, I kinda went my own way. Yeah, I believe in God and I pray whenever I can. I’ve been living with some family members and I really want to move out, but I just can’t seem to get a job. Since last year I’ve applied to over 30+ jobs and haven’t gotten one. I’ve prayed about it many times..and still nothing. 🙁 I’m starting to get really stressed and now I’m just wondering if any of you guys out there pray and do they come true? Does God ever answer you..?

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    Prayers are always answered, but sometimes the answer is “no”

  • geessewereabove
    10 hours ago


    We are told in the Bible that our answers to our prayers may not be as we think it shall be.

    Also we are told in the Bible that we all have to be tested to prove our love for God will stay with God and not leave God.

    But prayers do get answered. In the beginning of Dec. 2009 there was a news report of a sever drought in the southern USA where all rivers, ponds and lakes were dried out. That same day my sister in Maryland had bragged at me how perfect Maryland weather was and that it had never had a blizzard. (another person had bragged the same to me of Kansas a few years before) . The following morning it was below 20 degrees where I was living way up north in upper Maine; I put my heavy coat on and my back was hurting like it never had before. I spent the next three days praying to God asking for “two to three blizzards to strike between Maryland and Kansas”; enough rain to come by March 21, 2010 to fill in all the streams, lakes and ponds in he south; and for the temp.s not to drop below 20 degrees during the day way up here (where temp.s often go down to minis thirty in the winter) and for it Not to snow much so I would be able to walk around easy. God answered all three of these just as I asked! If you watch the news then you saw the news of them. We had the warmest winter on record up here.

    My sister had raced to South Caroline before the third blizzard came to Maryland. 🙂

    So some are answered just as asked. Why? Perhaps for helping everyone, and for my being able to tell others of a prayer that did get answered. There have certainly been others answered. But not one I recall that covered so large an area.

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    God answers prayer always, but the answer is not always what you want. Prayers are not like wishes, and do not come true. My prayers are always answered, and often, the answer is not what I want, but it is always the best answer. When one prays, it is not telling what you want to a genie and having it come, but recognizing that God is there, and telling Him what we want, and He knows what we need and will let us have what we want, only if it is best for us.

  • Sunshyne
    10 hours ago

    They sure do!!.. Ask God for direction and wisdom.. Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you. Matt 7:7

    Ask him a if the jobs you already applied to are where he wants you to work? God knows the End from the beginning.. Just ask Him, He will answer you..

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    YES! I just prayed with a guy and we believed and he got a job! He asked a question on answers and I told him to email me. He was down in the dumps, and I told Him that God has plans and if we ask anything in His name (Jesus) He will give it to us as long as its in His will! And Guess what? A few days later, and old friend took him to a few places and he has a job now! Can you believe that. ?? God is amazing and has plans..all things work together for good to those who love Him! He will supply all your needs according to His riches and Glory! Please message me at [email protected] , ill help you as much as I can, pray with you and believe! The word says if two or more are gathered in my name I am in the midst of them!

  • Amelia R
    10 hours ago

    Prayers do come true. Thing is you have to be open. Many times people ignore the answers. You may go by a place tht is looking for someone. You notice, go in and apply. If you tell youself that you will not find a job or will never find a job, you won’t.

  • Esoteric Order of Dagon
    10 hours ago

    No. Praying is pointless.

    Take your job thing that you prayed for. Three scenarios will potentially happen.

    1) You get the job and you then you thank God.

    2) You don’t and you think something like “well God wants me to do something else”.

    3) You’ll get the 40th job you apply for and will think something like “God wanted me to do this”.


    The exact same thing will happen if you pray to a random rock or pencil or anything you can think of. I guarantee it.

  • Mr
    6 days ago

    Prayers always come true, there s just legions of devils with people always fighting for unsuccess and they don t win.

  • lainiebsky
    10 hours ago

    Praying to a god has roughly the same effect as praying to a tree.

    If you accept “no” and “later” as answers, then all prayers are answered. However, anyone who thinks about that for a few minutes can see what’s wrong with that approach.

  • Nite Traceur
    10 hours ago

    God is not gonna answer your prayers, I mean if he cared about us, do you think he’d choose to help you with your job first or feed the starving kids in africa, or stop the genocides?

    If you really want materialistic prayers to be answered, you should find a different god to pray to

  • kimieyjean
    10 hours ago

    Praying isn’t going to help you get anywhere. What will is getting in with some one that can give you a good recommendation. I heard a lot of jobs are not even advertised but by word of mouth. You can ask god to give you the strength to carry on, but don’t expect him to take you by the hand and do something for you.

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