Do manufactured homes have laundry hookups?

This particular manufactured home was built in 2000 and is a single wide. Also, do they already come with appliances in them?

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  • Mopar Muscle Gal
    1 month ago

    yes they have laundry hookups (if there is a laundry room area )and most come with stoves and refrigerators

    but since you are buying a used one? hard to say if the previous owners will take the appliances with them or not

  • sbyldy
    1 month ago

    Most do have laundry hook-ups, but if it is a 2000 model, chances are it is used and you will have to ask the current owner whether or not the price includes the appliances. Ours came with refrigerator, stove, dishwasher,and a microwave when it was new.

  • Robert N
    1 month ago

    yes on both accounts when new, as in any home purchase the previous owners may have taken the appliances you need to make sure your purchase contract states that appliances are included as far as the washer dryer hookups you should have asked or seen them on inspection normally in the hall of the home in a closet area .


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