Do leather conduct electricity?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    At low potentials, no. In general, however the only thing that cannot ever conduct electricity (regardless of potential difference)is empty space (it has zero electric conductivity, so the current density is always zero regardless of electric field strength).

  • science_curious
    1 month ago

    Leather is a poor conductor. But given enough volts there will be SOME conduction of electricity. Especially if wet or damp or salty from sweaty hands.

    Don’t trust your life to a simple leather insulator.

  • DavidK93
    1 month ago

    Leather is not a conductive material. It acts as an insulator for both electricity and heat, which is why they make such good gloves. A number of technical pages about electronic equipment make casual mention of the fact that leather insulates against electrical current.

  • auced6371
    1 month ago

    I would say at normal saturation (zero) no. But if the leather is wet, it could.

  • kyriacos d
    1 month ago

    No… doesnt….

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