Do elementary grade students have a culmination or graduation ceremony?

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  • old lady
    1 month ago

    Graduation used to refer to completion of higher education, namely, university education. Then it crept down to high school level, then junior high, then elementary, and now kindergarten classes have ‘graduation’ ceremonies, complete with mortar boards.

    It seems you can call it whatever you wish – it doesn’t seem to be relevant any longer.

  • willsey
    5 days ago

    I had a kindergarten, 5th grade, and 8 grade commencement (and can have a twelfth grade commencement someday). Miss Breezy, I resent that! Kindergarten graduations are NOT ridiculous. I nonetheless keep in mind mine. And if you’re announcing that might be ridiculous, that what isn’t? Everything you do as a baby is for the sake of reminiscences and having a formative years. It is a ways from ridiculous. I nonetheless keep in mind spilling juice on my get dressed and in need of to difference in order that I would cross play within the sandbox. I have a “earlier than” image of me in my white get dressed, hair all lovely, smiling, and an “after” image of me in soiled garments with dust on my face and a smile stretched crazily as much as my eyes. I used to love watching beautiful and gambling with the men. As a baby, not anything concerns. No judgments are made. Everyone is solely comfortable to be there with none doubts on this planet. The global simply is, and amusing is traditional. The commencement of kindergarten constitute the final years of natural formative years. Indeed, we nonetheless think the identical means in first and moment grade, however even then, drama and the notion of cooties starts to seep in. The commencement of kindergarten indicates the final little bit of innocence we now have. It is without doubt one of the fundamental ceremonies to this point. If you name it unimportant, then the commencement ceremonies of the 12th, 8, and 5th grade – which characterize the transition from one school to the following – might be simply as needless. The stage of adulthood and what’s anticipated of you raises. More importantly, the reviews one has alterations. The existence one has alterations. That is why there’s a kindergarten commencement. That is why it concerns. That is why there must be extra. In regards to the value of ceremonies, in the event that they have been to honestly be understood, then possibly ignorant feedback concerning ceremonies of any stage might now not be made so breezily. Wouldn’t you assert so, Miss Breezy?

  • Susan H
    1 month ago

    In the district where I teach many schools have promotion ceremonies for students finishing 6th grade and moving to middle school. Graduation is reserved for high school.

  • Patrick M
    1 month ago

    My kids’ elementary school has limited it to the 5th grade. They are graduating to the next level of their education so I think it is applicable, but I think it has gotten blown completely out of proportion. Cap and Gown ceremonies are stupid for anything up to High School. We even had Pre-K Graduation with Cap and Gowns.

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