Do Airheads expire?.?!?

I have an Airhead I bought for a quarter at the concession stand at the baseball field

When I got it it was kinda squishy or like melted I put it in the fridge and it is now hard…

It has no expire date..

Is it still ok to eat?? ? Will it make me sick??

4 Answers

  • Matt
    1 month ago

    Airheads probably do expire… not to worry though it has probably melted. As long as you eat candy typically stored within a year it is safe to eat.

  • anekey
    4 days ago

    Do Airheads Expire

  • taterbugg2010
    1 month ago

    It should be ok. It might be melted because it was out in the sun. Melted airheads are still good to eat. 🙂

  • ♫你他妈的♪
    1 month ago

    Calm down. Its because it is summer(maybe in your area) and it will melt. next time use your brain

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