diffraction grating question?

A diffraction grating with 750 slits per mm is illuminated by light which gives a first-order diffraction angle of 34.0 degrees.

What is the wavelength of the light?

please help, im pretty desperate

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  • Jacy
    1 month ago

    The diffraction formula:

    Dsinθ = λ,

    which states that constructive interference occurs when the path difference equals 1 wavelength.

    λ = (1/750)x10-³/sin34 = (1.33×10^-6)/0.5592 = 2.378×10^-6 = 2.378 um

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    the diffraction formula is Dsin(theta) = lambda

    1. the problem tells us the diffraction grating is 750 slits per mm so that will be (1/750mm); however the answer asks for the units in nanometers so I converted that first

    1/750mm * (1,000,000 nm/1mm) = 1.33 x 10^3 nm

    – from there, multiple (sin34) x (1.33 x 10^3nm) = 746 nm

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