Did I fail the Walgreens in-store skills assessment?

After I finished the in-store assessment, the computer said something along the lines of “See a manager for the next steps in the process.”

Does anyone know if this is good or bad? I’m asking because I didn’t know the test was being timed, so I made the mistake of double/triple checking the answers. I’m pretty sure I went over the amount of time I was supposed to take.

Is there any way to find out if I passed the test?

(Also, the manager apparently wasn’t there after I took the test so I couldn’t see him.)

Thank you!

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  • S.N.
    9 days ago

    Actually it ALWAYS says that because it means you’re done! The only way to know if you passed or failed is to speak with the store manager.

  • monkeyluvsu
    7 days ago

    HI, well this similar thing happened to me, i applied online then was told to come in to finish this in store skills assessment, the test did not state it was timed nor did the assistant night manager inform me of it being timed, there was no timer on the assessment i know because i looked and she also informed me to take my time and read carefully to watch out for important words like”not false” and “all of these except”. After i was done i was told to call the day manager in the morning around 9ish. So i did call and spoke to a manager that go by the name of Mr. Sherman and he told me that there aren’t any current openings and he doesn’t see any opening up in the future, so i think that means i didn’t get the job. So i would be ok with ” I’m sorry you don’t meet our requirements” than ” we have no openings and i don’t see them opening up in the future”.I am a big girl i can handle a NO. I hope this helps your out and good luck for applying and taking these assessments.

  • watkin
    4 days ago

    WALGREEN’S IS A humorous tale. I WENT IN TO TAKE THE assessment test and that i had to TAKE IT in the photograph save that’s on the front corner OF THE STOIRE. YOU take a seat AT a working laptop or computing gadget AND without person helping the clientele FOR photograph PROCESSING i used to be entirely BEING asked IF i’d help THEM. unfavourable connected AND poor administration TO THROW YOU UP front and not HAVE AN worker disguise THEIR section so as which you would be waiting to TAKE IT without GETTING INTERRUPTED. i became as quickly as enjoying the area ANSWERING shopper QUESTIONS until now than the truthfully fact! WHAT you are able to desire to circulate by skill of FOR 7-8 funds AN HOUR IS transforming into RIDICULOUS in this united states!! 2 THUMBS each and each of ways right down to WALGREENS!

  • Tyler
    9 days ago

    Yes see a manager means that you are progressing to the next step of evaluation. It’s letting you know to take the next step. If the test said something like “we may call you in the future if and jobs are open” It’s alot easier to tell someone they won’t get hired by just telling them you may call them back. It’s VERY important to try and get meet the manager in person as soon as possible and tell him about the assessment. It shows you have initiative and will most likely get an interview or even a job. Good luck!

  • Shoshannah
    9 days ago

    It doesn’t tell you whether you passed or failed. You were supposed to go see a manager, if you didn’t, then you won’t proceed to the next step. So go back when the manager is there or call them.

  • David14
    9 days ago

    You didn’t know because you didn’t pay attention. You were told. Sorry, you failed.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    No, I don’t think so.

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