did blind melon ever cover “blister in the sun”?

i was looking at my friends ipod the other day and it said that song is by blind melon, but i know violent femmes originally wrote it. so did they cover it or was her ipod just messed up?

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  • voicespirit
    1 month ago

    No, Blind Melon has never recorded a cover of “Blister in the Sun”. There seems to be confusion about this simply because there are a couple of times that the Violent Femmes version of the song has been uploaded online by people who obviously don’t have a clue as to who the artist is and have mistakenly labeled the song as being sung by Blind Melon. As a result, it can come up in a lot of searches this way.

    Has Blind Melon ever covered the song live in concert? I have no idea…

  • benner
    5 days ago

    Blind Melon Cover

  • Ravyn
    1 month ago

    No. The only cover song Blind Melon did was “Out on the Tiles” by Led Zeppelin.

    “Blister In The Sun” (originally by Violent Femmes, as you said) was only covered by Bruce Lash, Indigo Girls and Face To Face.

  • Savannah and Myranda L
    1 month ago

    um not that I know of my dads a hard core Violent Femmes fan so he would tell me about how they ruined it tehehe your friends iPod prolly got dropped in the toilet!

  • VN-Cop
    1 month ago

    dunno, but to correct Ravyn, blind melon covered more than just one song.

    They also covered Three is a magic number and Steppenwolf’s The Pusher.

  • Janie Jones
    1 month ago

    I didn’t find anything about it. So, I would say no.

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