Description of a concert?

think of when you hear the word concert?

For example, I think of excitement/electric/thumping/lively/humid/sweat…

And then how would you describe what it would be like after the concert when everyone has left eg. abandoned/lonely/silence…??

Thank you for any input!!

3 Answers

  • Daphne
    9 days ago

    The arena is filled with excited voices, the air is filled with electric, and then as the lights go down.. the voices turn into frenzy, the music blairs and euphoria enters the room. Then when it is finally over and the music has died, there is a feeling of wanting to relive it, a feeling of being alone, a feeling of maybe wanting to be on the stage yourself, jealousy?

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Description Of A Concert

  • fgjhkj
    6 days ago



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