Describe the strangest person you’ve ever met?

What were they like? What did they look like?

Why did they seem so strange??

11 Answers

  • Beletje_vos AM + VT
    1 month ago

    Hmm… in High School there was this one extremely friendly girl. She had a loud grating voice and followed other girls around constantly annoying everyone. She would say hello to all the students around her as they passed her, everyday. She had no friends except for me (sort of) because I was the only one willing to sit with her at lunch and we’d talk – this lasted for one semester.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A chinese girl from my high school. She had the softest voice ever & is a really good writer but she would lash out on people randomly when she felt like the time was right. She was a really happy girl that would laugh loud and get involved but everyday at the last hr she would run underneath her desk and cry. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her or she’d hit them. One day, we were trying to sell ads for the yrbook together and she slapped me in the face (hard) in front of like 3 people, including the customer & said I had a fly on my face. I’m sure I had a fly on my face but she definitely let some anger out there lol She always had chapped lips, very skinny, plain chinese girl. She had an extra thumb (she wasn’t ashamed of it). I think she was probably like this bc there wasn’t anybody at her school she could relate with. We didn’t have a lot of chinese people & she is very much into her culture & so is her family. P.S. She would stalk a guy she liked, so much to the point she would drive by his house every night & write him notes everyday and put them in his locker, knowing farewell that he doesn’t like her back. Idk, it was always weird. She never stayed at anybodies house throughout school either. Nobodies. Maybe it was because she had no real friends outside of school, it definitely wasn’t because we didn’t invite her. Idk!

  • Vianney
    1 month ago

    The strangest person I’ve ever met was this guy named chase he was kind of wierd looking like a fish and wasn’t confident and just wanted to fit in but tried so hard he was really annoyin. I learned about his background like how his aunt adopted him because his mom didn’t want him or something like that and would say that if he was cool idk that’s strange to me. This kid jacob looked really pale and had really blue eyes. He talked about magical gathering and death a lot. He had a death book and would write his classmates names in it. It was basically a list of people he wanted to kill. Strange.

  • kuchenmeister
    5 days ago

    I somewhat have met a honest volume of wierd human beings via the strangest via far advance into this one new child who i met in seventh grade. on the commencing up he did not like me because of fact i advance into black and advance into afraid of me, yet while he found out that i advance into considered universal between the different youngsters he befriended me. He advance into very smug and cocky, yet if somebody made relaxing of him he might get disenchanted easily. the new child for sure had severe psychological themes yet our college did not have particular-ed and his mom did not choose to flow faculties. He use to fart like loopy and there advance right into a rumor going on that he ate chalk. once you have picked on via youngsters plenty he quite much dedicated suicide via leaping from some construction yet hesitated interior the final minute. he did lots of different weird and wonderful stuff yet i don’t choose to precise an essay approximately him,lol.

  • lifeinegypt
    1 month ago

    the strangest person I ever met was a girl who came to work with me one day and she just sat there

    on a desk unable to do any work or even talk nicely to anybody.All she did was criticize everything and everyone doing the absolute minimum and doing it carelessly needless to say she had to go and the funny thing is she was very surprised that she was not appreciated have you ever seen a stranger person?

  • The Unemployed Haberdasher
    1 month ago

    My friend Greg. He wore really eccentric clothing all the time and spoke in fluctuating accents. Great guy. What made him really strange was that only I could see him for some reason.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This girl named Whitney who had no wit. Met her in school. She was really emotional. At one moment she would be really happy and in another she would be crying. This would happen in about an 1 hour’s time. She would get really loud and over excited about the most minor things. She was really tall and proportioned well but she constantly thought of herself as ugly and would say so. She would call me constantly and follow me around ALL the time. My goodness it got tiring. I had to cut her loose. After that she kept calling me and e-mailing me for about two months. I avoided her like the plague and when I returned to school she started getting hostile and telling people about how bad and annoying “I” was. Telling people lies about me. I ignored it for a time. Some people would walk by and say rude things about me. Other people would come right out and ask me if she was lying. I was really nonchalant about it and the rumors began to fade. I just went on about my business even though I was tempted to completely beat the sh!t out of her. I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Finally one day she had cornered me by the lockers and just stared at me with this cold, dead expression. I casually smiled at her. She then went on this tirade, “What’s wrong with you?” “Why do you act like that?” “Like you don’t care about anything”. “You throw people away like they’re trash”. “You’re a terrible person”. Blah, blah, blah. She was way TOO loud so obviously people heard. I simply told her she was taking this way too seriously and for her to relax. I told her that there really isn’t anything else I could say to her and for her to drop this strange infatuation she has with me. She got really quiet and then walked away. This wasn’t the end. Not by a long shot. Still, after she realized nothing she could do would phase me I guess she gave up. People stopped believing her lies. I still had my reputation intact. I’m sure it infuriated her I still had people flocking to befriend me, still maintained my motivations and was generally well liked and received by my peers and educators. She couldn’t touch me. *sigh* I feel sorry for that crazy chick and last I heard of her she was in a bad place…..hope it wasn’t my fault. *smirk*

  • Xaforn
    1 month ago

    A friends sister, beautiful curly red hair and lovely splash of freckles on clear skin, but she hated every man alive, blamed them for every problem in our world today, loathed my husband with a passion, her brother in law too, but loves her father and brother. Her sister is very worried.

  • ksummerville91
    1 month ago

    this white dude named clarence went to my school, he was really tall and goth-like. we hung out with some of the same people (i hung out with a lot of diffrent cliques, i.egoths, hip-hoppers, “nerds etc) and he was crushing hard on this chick. one day he just went overthe edge and professed his love for her loudly in the cafeteria, he showed where he carved her name in his leg and he had track marks on his arms and alot of collapsed veins, (i was in a program called city of med. academy in high school), which hints towards shooting up. for the next three yrs of high school he stalked the girl in the halls and stuff and would just randomly stand in corners and scream the word “disillusion” needless to say he freaked me out something royal.

  • owlxxeyes
    1 month ago

    she dressed in goth clothes, wore rose-red lipstick, was as pale as paste, was really smart, seemed just very strange in her actions and in the way she carried herself (by walking really calmly and smiling but was just very calm almost too calm and serene…. and…. she liked pokemon

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