Deep, but not profound…… Some HELP please????????????????/?

Examples of correct phrases:

Deep, but ont profound.

Ball, but not bounce.

Bottle, but not water.

Wall, but not ceiling.

If you know the rle please tell me, I want to know SO badly.

I do have one idea:

What you notice first, but not what you notice second.

You notice the walls of a bulding before noticing the ceiling.

you notice something is deep before noticing it is “profound”.

You notice the ball before noticing it is bouncing.

You notice a bottle before noticing it is holding water.

Bt if you think you have another/the right rule, then do by all means tell me please.

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  • TAP
    1 month ago

    I think your analysis is based on solid ground: “What you notice first, but not what you notice second.“

    Grammatically speaking, phrases that draw comparisons and contrasts are called comparatives and comparatives. Such phrases not used to draw conclusions. Therefore, neither will I draw any conclusions.

    Up, but not down.

    In, but not out.

    Heavy, but not weighty.

    Smart, but dumb.

    His, is not hers.

    Each of your examples are givens, we already know a ball bounces, a clock ticks, up is not down. However, having said that, all of this is based on perspective and ordination of the reader and the writer’s contractual use. For example; “I am taller than the shortest person, but not shorter than the tallest.” All of which is objectively obvious, but gives the reader an opportunity to draw an assumption (not a conclusion) as to my height being average.

    I hope this helps, it can’t hinder your understanding of the matter.

    ((((λευκός ψῆφος))))

  • λευκός ψῆφος
    1 month ago

    “Deep, but not profound.”

    As the saying could apply to Wisdom: the wisdom of God is deep beyond depth, but a believer will not reach any sort of depth if they do not apply their mind to the word of God. This is basically why Jesus Christ taught in parables – a man who diligently searches the wisdom that can be found in his teachings is the type of believer He seeks. Then, the Spirit was sent to teach us many things, and every thing; to take us even deeper into the wisdom of God, which is something the Spirit desires. The wisdom to be found in the Bible sitting on the coffee table is “deep”, but not “profound” until someone lifts it up, applies their mind to it, and takes to heart what is written in it.

    Compared to our understanding, the wisdom of Solomon was very deep – read Proverbs. The wisdom of the king is not profound until you penetrate its depth.


    my academic brother 🙂

  • A Modest Proposal
    1 month ago

    What something is in appearance, but not what it is in practice (is impractical).

    Something may seem deep, but it is really not very insightful at all – just rhetoric.

    A ball is useless if it cannot bounce.

    A bottle may be helpful, but not if it does not have water in it.

    A wall is pointless if it supports no ceiling.

  • Sakshi
    6 days ago

    The first word has double letters, the second one is related to the first.

    Wall (L L) but not ceiling.

    Bottle (T T) but not water.

    Have fun playing!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What are you talking about?

  • Captain America
    1 month ago

    you lost me at “deep”.

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