Daisy Exchange or Plato’s Closet?

My closet is getting pretty full and I’m trying to get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore. Which place pays more?

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  • Leah N
    8 days ago

    i have never heard of daisy exchange BUT PLATO’S CLOSET IS MY LIFE AAAH

    okok they pay like 40% of the retail price or something liike that?? yes. that’s it. ok but like a shirt would only sell for like 1 or 2 dollars and you wait like A WHOLE FRIGGEN HOUR but what they do is they run it through a computer and it tells them how much it is worth so both stores probably do that IT SOUNDED PRETTY OFFICIAL

    they also turn down yo uglay thangs or if they all ratchet and janky and ripped up then NO no moolah for u

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    As a former employee of Plato’s Closet here is how our pricing/ buy policy works:

    Everything in the store is priced 50-70% of retail value and you will receive 30-40% of the price it is priced at in the store.

    For example… say you have a pair of True Religion jeans that are in great condition (no rips, stains, fading, ect) and they are a super current style, they would be priced at $65 in the store. You would receive approximately $21 for them. For an average Forever 21 tank top it would most likely be priced between $4-$10 and you would receive between $1.50-$3 for it. It’s much less than you originally paid for the item but of course once you take off the tags of any clothing item it’s value immediately drops.

    Basically they’re just looking for current teen styles (nothing that’s been out of the mall stores for more than a year and a half) that are in good condition. The computer system does all the pricing, employees enter in the type of clothing item it is, the brand, the size and what condition its in and the computer generates a price quote.

    Call your local Plato’s Closet on exact details of how their buying policy and pricing works because it varies from location to location.

  • betton
    5 days ago

    Platos Closet Tulsa

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