Cracker Barrel stars?

What do the stars on the waiter’s aprons at Cracker Barrel represent?

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  • erica
    1 month ago

    Employees periodically take a “PAR” test, which if they pass gives them another star. The maximum amount of stars is 4, and then you get a red apron if you pass the final PAR test.

  • motato
    5 days ago

    Cracker Barrel Stars

  • LeaLea
    5 days ago

    The stars represent PAR levels. “Personal Achievement Recognition”. At set intervals employees are given evaluations and have the opportunity to take a test to reach the next PAR level. There are computer courses to complete prior to taking the tests. Small raises are given upon reaching the next level. When PAR 4 is reached some employee benefits are increased such as an increased employee discount and less expensive insurance premiums. Red aprons are reserved for skill trainers. The PAR program is not mandatory. Employees are free to not participate without reprimand.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    The stars are awarded as each associate completes a certain level of training. The most I have ever seen on the employees are 5.

  • TARA
    5 days ago

    LOL the red apron is for the trainers!!!

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