could some one say m the meaning of the full “mangalyam thanthunanena” manthram meaning ?


pls could u add meaning to each word by word

pls could u add meaning to each word by word

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  • Malar
    1 month ago

    || Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna: kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam

    “This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden having many auspicious attributes. May you live happily for a hundred years (with me).”

    Mangalyam thanthuna anena–This mangal sutra (This sacred thread)(thantu–thread)

    hetuna–is essential (hetu-reason,purpose)

    mama-my, jeevana–life(long life)(for my long life)

    Kante-around your neck( in, on etc prepositions are signified by the ‘e’ ending)

    badhnami—I am tying

    Subhage–oh,maiden of many auspicious attributes

    twam–you(may you)


    sarada–years( from Sarad ritu)


  • ?
    4 days ago

    Mangalyam Tantunanena

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago


  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

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    could some one say m the meaning of the full "mangalyam thanthunanena" manthram meaning ?

  • friend4ever
    1 month ago


    “Mangalyam Thanthunanena mama jeevana hethuna Kante badhnami subhake sanjeeva sarathas satham” The above is only a ‘Sloka’ or verse and not a Manthra.

    Its meaning is: “This is a sacred thread which helps in keeping me alive. I am placing this around your neck so that you can live happily for a hundred years”

  • ?
    6 days ago

    I am tying this sacred thread around your neck with three knots, Oh, my lady with lovely attributes for my long life and to preserve/maintain dignity (1st knot), honor (2nd knot), and respect (3rd knot) all along. May we share this life together for 100 years beginning this Shard Ritu. I suggest all couples to renew their marriage vows taken together ( Mangalya dharana, Sapta padi, Kanya dhanam etc). If the wife realizes that a lot is on her shoulders to have a beautiful life without decreased love, respect, dignity, and respect toward her husband that is wonderful. At the same time husband needs to cooperate with his wife too and behave accordingly to maintain what needs to be maintained for a happy life together

  • ?
    5 days ago

    It means your Ego needs a good old deflating. Also means you need to put the mirror down and look at the person… Come on, I know it’s hard… Put down the mirror… Stop staring at the reflection in my sunglasses! Lol… Yes, I am weird…

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    well be itor sloka , the meaning is superb. It would be much better if the priest tell the meaning of this to the couples in their language.

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