Cookies and Milk poem for santa…Help!!?

I have made little bags to put cookies inside for the children to leave out for santa on christmas eve, I wanted to attach a little poem but cant find one and Im useless at making them up can anyone help? Thanks!

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    A good time is coming,

    I wish it were here,

    The very best time

    In the whole of the year;

    I’m counting each day

    On my fingers and thumbs–

    The weeks that must pass

    Before Santa Claus comes.

    Then when the first snowflakes

    Begin to come down,

    And the wind whistles sharp

    And the branches are brown,

    I’ll not mind the cold,

    Though my fingers it numbs,

    For it brings the time nearer

    When Santa Claus comes


    Santa Claus

    He comes in the night! He comes in the night!

    He softly, silently comes;

    While the little brown heads on the pillows so white

    Are dreaming of bugles and drums.

    He cuts through the snow like a ship through the foam,

    While the white flakes around him whirl;

    Who tells him I know not, but he finds the home

    Of each good little boy and girl.

    His sleigh it is long, and deep, and wide;

    It will carry a host of things,

    While dozens of drums hang over the side,

    With the sticks sticking under the strings.

    And yet not the sound of a drum is heard,

    Not a bugle blast is blown,

    As he mounts to the chimney-top like a bird,

    And drops to the hearth like a stone.

    The little red stockings he silently fills,

    Till the stockings will hold no more;

    The bright little sleds for the great snow hills

    Are quickly set down on the floor.

    Then Santa Claus mounts to the roof like a bird,

    And glides to his seat in the sleigh;

    Not a sound of a bugle or drum is heard

    As he noiselessly gallops away.

    He rides to the East, and he rides to the West,

    Of his goodies he touches not one;

    He eats the crumbs of the Christmas feast

    When the dear little folks are done.

    Old Santa Claus does all that he can;

    This beautiful mission is his;

    Then, children be good to the little old man,

    When you find who the little man is.

  • gaul
    4 days ago

    Cookies For Santa Poem

  • Elmo Love You
    1 month ago

    Idea 1:

    On Christmas I leave out cookies for Santa

    I never, ever leave out a banana

    I also leave out milk for him to drink

    I bet he can drink it faster than a blink

    Idea 2:

    Flour, sugar, and chocolate chips

    These cookies I make could go straight to your hips

    Santa eats lots of cookies tonight

    He’ll be very full by daylight

    Idea 3:

    Make some cookies for Santa to eat

    Make them for Santa nice and sweet

    Pour some milk and set it right there

    Set it out for Santa with lots of care

  • LemonZest
    1 month ago

    The cookies and milk were placed near the tree

    As I hid by the stairs and waited to see

    How Santa came down the chimney with toys

    While I quietly sat ne’er to make any noise.

    My heart kept bouncing with joy and excitement

    As I tried to keep myself still and very silent

    But Santa just never appeared

    And I dosed off as I knew I had feared.

    Santa plopped thru the chimney and woke me.

    As he fell with a thud by the tree

    His bag hit the cat with a clunk and groan

    Scaring poor Boots as he toppled the phone

    Down came the cookies and milk from the table

    Hissing and screeching Boots flew up the tree

    Running down the stairs I tripped and I tumbled

    While Santa quickly dashed up the chimney rapidly

    The noise woke my mother, my sister and my father

    As I ran to the window and yelling I said

    Santa was here and he fell on the table

    Knocking the cookies and milk and the cat

    I saw him, I saw him, and boy he was fat.

  • Pumpkin
    1 month ago


    Two merry blue eyes

    A very little nose

    A long snowy beard

    And cheeks like a rose

    A round chubby man

    A big bulging pack

    Hurrah for Old Santa

    We’re glad he’s come back!


    Christmas Everyday!

    Christmas is forever, not for just one day,

    for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away

    like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.

    The good you do for others is good you do yourself.

    Hope this helps, Merry Christmas

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Try altering a bit of the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” story with Santa being the mouse.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Nilla wafers for me.. or the original chocolate chip I actually hate oreos. yes be surprised. people tell me I’m unamerican for that. XP

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