Contacts say -3.75, what is my vision?

The box my contacts come in says -3.75, so what I am wondering is what is that equal to in terms of like 20/20 (obviously not, otherwise i wouldn’t wear contacts!) or 20/70…etc.

I want to be in the emergency services but I have bead vision, the requirement is 20/70 uncorrected, so that’s why I need to know.


Happy L

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  • withthesefourwalls
    1 month ago

    There isn’t an exact line up from your vision number and the eye chart 20/20. I can only explain it as the numbers describe the shape of your eye, and there are almost endless combinations, but two people with different shaped eyes can still read the same line on the eye chart equally bad. Pretend the 20/20 is a line on the ground you should be able to throw to. Some people could throw under hand, left handed , over hand, and regardless throw to equal distance. What your prescription does say is that you are nearsighted, you see better up close than in the distance. It’s called myopia and it’s very common. The numbers you have -3.75 is a diopter measurement, which means the amount of correction you need in front of your eye to make up for the mishapen lens in your eye. Without glasses, someone of your prescription would not be able to drive. Some people call this legally blind. You are more than 20/300 most likely.

    There is good news, if you don’t wear astigmatism contacts and your eyes are healthy you would probably be a great laser surgery patient, possibly coming out with 20/20 vision uncorrected. I know it’s hard to imagine, but for people with glasses, you are actually in a very common and normal range.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Uncorrected Vision Scale

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    In the two years that you wore hard contacts your eyes didn’t get worse? I never knew that would work. In my left eye I’m -575, but when I started wearing contacts (I wear soft) my vision was much better and my doctor never told me that hard contacts would prevent vision loss. I’d say stick with the hard contacts unless you want to end up with vision loss. Unless eventually you’d be a good candidate for the surgery.

  • Katie W
    1 month ago

    I was curious and searched online for this; unfortunately, the results aren’t good for your needs, sorry. The chart went to -2 to -2.5 diopters, which it said was 20/200; -3 would be worse. It looks like about -1.5 is the limit for you. Your eyesight is near mine; I’m -3.75 in one eye and -4 in the other. My (uncorrected) vision is pretty bad, so yours must be too.

    Would lasik or other eye surgery be acceptable for bringing your eyes in line with their standards?

  • deloris
    5 days ago

    Learn How To Improve Eyesight!

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