Chrono Days Sim Date cheats?

Hey, I’ve been waiting for this sim date to come out and finally, it did. Now, I was hoping to find some cheats on Google but unfortunately, I got ZERO results.. To somebody out there, can you share to me the cheats> and while your’e at it, can you suggest any sim dates? I’ve already played:

Love Hina

Kingdom Days

Wonderland Days

Festival Days

Idol Days

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    Took me one hell of a time to get these cheat codes.

    Probably will spoil the fun, but here you go. You kids and your cheat codes…

    nerdsirldontlookthishandsome – Full exp with Landon

    wegotsnakesonaplane – Full exp with Roland

    fanboyofaboyband – Full exp with Teddy

    redheadgingersamedifference – Full exp with Nathan

    allsimboysarerobotsanyway – Full exp with Oz

    ddrripoffsftw – Full exp with Cole

    insovietrussiayouhealbandage – Full exp with Emmett

    doublerainbowpride – Full exp with Bianca

    whatisthisidonteven – Full exp with all characters

    screwtherulesihavemoney – unlock Oz

    guyaissecretlyace – unlock Cole

    donttrytrainjumpingathome – unlock Emmett

    ohgoditsinfmajor – unlock Bianca

    fastforward – skip to day 30

    coolstorybro – 2000 hp, $1000, items

    itstimeforinflation – $1000

    pillshere – 2000 hp

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Chrono Days Sim Date Cheats

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Chrono Days

  • SiLVER iNK
    1 month ago

    I found only a couple coz I’m playing this second but theres

    pillshere-2000 HP

    whatisthisidonteven-full stats with everyone

    redheadgingersamedifference-full stats with nathan

    and you’ll probably find more

    btw- you unlock bianca by playing the music sheet on saiges comp

    and check out nummyz sim dates

    Jenna Moonlight Dating Sim

    Jenna Moonlight Dating Sim II

    Purra Academy Dating Sim

    Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim

    and alot of others, just look at

  • Shadow
    6 days ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Chrono Days Sim Date cheats?

    Hey, I've been waiting for this sim date to come out and finally, it did. Now, I was hoping to find some cheats on Google but unfortunately, I got ZERO results.. To somebody out there, can you share to me the cheats> and while your'e at it, can you suggest any sim dates? I've already…

  • ?
    1 month ago

    I have all the cheats, except for the ones that you get from Bianca. Once I manage to unlock her, I’ll put her cheats here as well.

    I also put a guide on each character. (Excluding Biana. I’ll put her too once I unlock her.)

    *Remember, the item that is more expensive of the two that the person likes gives you +30. The less expensive one gives you +20.


    Items: Novels, Tea

    Cheats: nerdsirldontlookthishandsome (Maximum relationshipwith Landon)

    whatisthisidonteven (Maximum relationship with every character)


    Items: Stickers

    Cheats: allsimboysarerobotsanyway (Maximum relationship with Oz)

    screwtherulesihavemoney (Automatically unlocks Oz)

    fastforward (Brings you to the 30th day)


    Items: Sistehcap Album, Lemon Soda

    Cheats: fanboyofaboyband (Maximum relationship with Teddy)

    itstimeforinflation (Gives you $1000)


    Items: Tea, Digital Watch

    Cheats: redheadgingersamedifference (Maximum relationship with Nathan)

    pillshere (Gives you 2000 HP)


    Items: Power Bar,Compass

    Cheats: wegotsnakesonaplane (Maximum relationship with Roland)

    coolstorybro (Gives you $1000, 2000 HP, and items)


    Items: Power Bar, Tokens

    Cheats: ddrripoffsftw (Maximum relationship with Cole)

    guyaissecretlyace (Automatically unlocks Cole)


    Items: Candy, Alix Plushie

    Cheats: insovietrussiayouhealbandage (Maximum relationship with Emmett)

  • Julia Marie
    1 month ago

    Well, here’s some

    1000 Money-itstimeforinflation

    Go to day 30-fastforward

    Unlock Oz-screwtherulesihavemoney

    full relationship with Oz -allsimboysarerobotsanyway

    full relationship with Nathan- redheadgingersamedifference

    full relationship with Teddy- fanboyofaboyband

    full relationship with Landon-nerdsirldontlookthishandsome

    full relationship with Emmet- insovietrussiayouhealbandage

    2000 hp- pillshere

    Gives 1000 money, 2000 hp and all the items -coolstorybro

    I haven’t figured out the rest yet though

  • Xiao Mei
    1 month ago

    pillshere (hp)

    fastforward (brings you to last day)

    coolstorybro ($1000 2000 HP and items)

    whatisthisidonteven (max xp with all charries)

    itstimeforinflation ($1000)

    Nathan – Redheadgingersamedifference

    Roland – wegotsnakesonaplane

    Oz – allsimboysarerobotsanyway (full xp) screwtherulesihavemoney (unlock)

    Teddy – fanboyofaboyband

    Landon – nerdsirldontlookthishandsome

    Cole – ddrripoffsftw (full xp) guyaissecretlyace (unlocks)

    Emmett – insovietrussiayouhealbandage

    Bianca – doublerainbowpride (full xp) ohgoditsinfmajor (unlocks)

  • Eric
    7 days ago

    For Bianca, just give her two bouquets. The other cheats for her are already listed. Also, she says the tea brings back memories of her father, but it won’t do anything on a date.

    Hope that helps!



  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    i found out that if you see all 9999999 in everything, its a glitch and it wont let you use codes in there. how i solve the problem is by going to a differ site that dosent have the glitch. it dosent even keep track of the days!

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