christmas in the air…simmering potpourri?

Has anybody heard of Christmas in the Air Simmering Potpourri? I love the stuff and I cant seem to find more of it this year! Its in a small green bag w/ white stripes. I live in Tx so either stores where I could buy it or websites for purchase. Thanks!!!


On the bag the company is Spice Market…but when i search it I still cant find it!

On the bag the company is Spice Market…but when i search it I still cant find it!

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  • Suzi
    1 month ago

    I have stocked up on this stuff the last few years and now cannot get it anywhere. (I live in Az). I looked all over the internet last year (and am still looking) without any luck. If you find it, could you let me know at [email protected]? And I will do the same for you. Good Luck

  • eichelsderfer
    5 days ago

    Christmas Simmering Potpourri

  • Missy D
    1 month ago

    I love, love, love that potpourri!! I used to buy it at Walgreens for $.99 a bag but I haven’t been able to find it that last two years either (I live in Michigan). This year I bought mulling spices from Penzeys and have been simmering those. It smells very similar to Christmas in the Air.

  • Terry
    6 days ago

    This WAS a great product. Christmas in the Air is made by Spice Market. It used to smell wonderful…..Amazon sells it but it is extremely perfumey smelling now. I will not buy it again.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Do you know the name of the company that makes it? If you can find that out, you could probably bring the company up on the net and see if you can order directly from them.

    8 days ago

    I bought it at Wal Mart for years but they don’t have it this year at the Wal Mart near me. I am searching for it too.

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