Chem lab question : Hess’ law?

A student constructs a coffee cup calorimeter and places 50.0 mL of water into it. After a brief

period of stabilization, the temperature of the water in the calorimeter is determined to be 23.50

°C. To this is added 50.0 mL of water that was originally at 57.50 °C. A careful plot of the

temperatures recorded after this established that the temperature at T0 was 36.25 °C. What is

the calorimeter constant in J/°C for this calorimeter? (density H2O = 1.00 g/mL; specific heat of

water = 4.184 J/g·°C) Show all work.

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  • S.L.
    1 month ago

    for it ,

    let initial temp t1=23.5

    temp of hot water t2= 57.50

    Temp. after mixing, t3= 36.25

    volume of water=50ml

    volume of hot water= 50ml .

    calorimeter const. = [50(t2-t3)/(t3-t1)]-50 cal/deg.

    solve the mathemtic part and convert in to j/*C by multiplying with 4.182

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