Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ VS SkyWatcher Heritage 130p?

I am buying one of these two telescopes for christmas. I am attracted to the Skywatcher because of the dobsonian mount and its extreme portability. But is the celestron better? I plan on using the telescopes for astronomical viewing, not terrestrial if that helps. So which one is better for me? If anyone can suggest any other scopes that are better for under £150 i’d be much obliged.



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  • digquickly
    1 month ago

    Well, …, I wouldn’t buy either one.

    Frankly, those scopes are cute but they’re pretty flimsy. For just £50 more you could buy a very decent telescope that won’t fall apart and will have decent quality in the optics. That’s why I suggest a good Dobsonian scope with a 6″ mirror. The skyliner 6″ dobsonian scope goes for £199 (see first link below).

    Also connecting with your local astronomy club would be a way that you could look at various scopes before buying and provide you with connection to a group of people that can help you learn about astronomy in a fun social environment.

    Finally, I included the following video with some telescope buying tips for you to view:


  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Skywatcher Heritage 130

  • Nigel
    1 month ago

    I agree with digquick,but if you want a very nice decent scope, I don’t thing £150 is enough. I’m sorry to say that but if you live in a light polluted area. You can get a large aperture or use a Light pollution filter.

    You have to think about this. You gonna get a telescope and only just the scope. You have to think about accessories too. Like while you are viewing Jupiter for instance and you have only a 25mm eyepiece and you needed a higher power eyepiece but you don’t have it. Other good quality Dobsons are like the Orion classic Dobsons. But if you are not familiar with the night sky you can always get a intelliscope which will show you where. The object is located

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