Cars on The Sims 1: Complete Collection?

Okay.. So I have the sims 1 complete collection, and I want to know if anyone knows any good websites to download free cars for the sims 1. I know the sims 1 is old but my computer can’t handle the sims 2 so i’m stuck playing the sims 1, for now..

Please help!



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  • mistyfan69
    1 month ago

    I found a list for a lot of sim sites that should still be running. I found three sites that have trasportation. Simfreaks has a free hippy van. And one site has a motor bike. I hope this helps. I had all the sim one stuff. I have sims 2 it’s great and all but hey when you can finnaly get a new computer you can go stright to sims 3 or 4!

    happy simming!

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I have played Sims 1, 2 , and 3. Each game has better graphics then the previous game, which is the main difference between all three of them. I like both the sims 2 and 3 a lot better than the first sims games. I’m not sure what you consider inappropriate, but in both the Sims 2 & 3 games, you can have your Sims kiss, woohoo, and try for a baby. Woohoo and ‘Try for a Baby’ are basically the same thing, except when you choose woohoo, your female sim can’t become pregnant. When you choose either of these the two sims just go under the covers of the bed and the bed just moves a little (There’s also fireworks in sims 2 and little hearts that fall on the bed in sims 3 when this happens) Nothing else is inappropriate at all, and you don’t necessarily HAVE to do those things 😉 In the Sims 2, you can’t have any kids if you get it for a video game system. You can only have kids (and do a few other things) if you get it for the computer. I have Sims Life Stories for my PC and its an awesome game. You can only have 4 people in family, but their are ways to get around that. In this game, the sims also age from infant, to toddler, to child, to teen, to adult, and finally to and elder. After they go through their stage as being an elder, they die. You can also go to different places in the Sims Life Stories and buy clothes, work out at the gym, and other stuff. Sorry if this is too long but…. Sims 3 is only for the computer and I think most (if not all) are compatible with Windows XP/Vista AND Mac. Personally, I like the Sims 3 the best. It is a little more complicated than the other sims games but after you learn how to do it, it is a lot of fun. I spend wayyy too much time on it and get sucked into it for hours on end. In this one, you can have eight people in a family, and there is even a possibility for triplets (and twins). They age in this game just like the Sims Life Stories, but there is another stage called Young Adult. You can purchase bikes and cars to go around town a ton of different places. There is even a town pool and a library! If you do end up buying one of these games, I suggest looking on eBay, especially for the sims 2 games. There are a lot of great deals and the older games are especially cheap. Hope I helped(:

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