carbolic acid poisoning help.?

ok so my mother was dumb enough to take a cream known as bamitol to lose fat. this is a mexican cream sold strictly for weight loss in animals but people around this town have been using it on themselves.

i’d like to state that i’m VERY ocd about things. i researched it for her only to find out that it contains carbolic acid – the same neurotoxic agent used by the nazis to execute prisoners. i’m scared to death, not only for my mother who has used it sparingly for 4 years, but for myself who had contact with the cream that was outside of the bottle.

i know it’s a very low dose, but i’m very OCD about this… will anything happen to me, i know my mother had cancer in her womb a while back, i attribute it to this cream. please, someone give me advice on this before i panic (damn, i need to get back on my meds).

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  • april
    9 days ago


    Lots of people use it. Carbolic acid has medicinal uses also.. Mind your own business; not your mom’s.

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