Can you wear leggings to play volleyball?

I’ve played volleyball on my school team a few years ago and I didn’t wear spandex (nor did I wear knee pads) but now I’m thinking about trying out for a volleyball team (outside of school) and I don’t feel comfortable wearing any shorts to play. can I just wear leggings to the practises (and tournaments) and should I wear knee length ones (for knee pads)?

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  • Steph
    4 days ago

    I really don’t recommend wearing leggings. I also play REP volleyball, and some of my teams mates choose to wear basketball shorts (knee length shorts) instead of the bootie shorts. If worst comes to worst, I think you could wear capris leggings to practice… but definitely not to tournaments.

  • Tasia
    4 days ago

    Well if you’re playing outside of school you’re most likely going to be playing club volleyball and mostly all of the clubs have a required attire for volleyball so you’ll have to wear spandex and kneepads

  • CG
    4 days ago

    1) You are going to stand out like a sore thumb unless there are others who wear them. I get that you may be uncomfortable in spandex, but not looking like everyone else is really going to call attention to yourself 2) Definitely talk to the coach because usually the uniform is the uniform. You can do what you want in practice, you you have to wear the uniform in games (which matches everyone else).

  • Jessica
    4 days ago

    You could certainly wear leggings, but make sure you include knee pads on your knees.

  • out of your league
    4 days ago

    you could wear leggings but if you dont wear knee pads you could risk getting rips in the knee area should you go for that on the edge move.

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