Can you please tell me sentences spoken in English in this song?

Can you please tell me sentences spoken in English in this song?

The Following is the link to a Marathi Song “Galavar Khali” which has Chorus singing a few English sentences (a few of which I could grasp and have written


But, in spite of hearing the song several times I was unable to grasp the first line.

If your mother tongue is English or you can understand English Accent in English movies then you can simply try out listening to the song by clicking on the

link below and see whether you are able to catch hold of the first sentence or all sentences sung by the Chorus in the following song and write all those

sentences as answer to this question.…

(When you will click on the link above you will be sent to a html page and the song will start after an advertisement of MTV and you will see a Music Player

at the top right hand side corner where you can be able to click at around 1:30 Minutes Time of the sound track to directly hear out the English Sentences

sung by the Chorus. But, interestingly, the whole song is very good to hear even if you are not able to understand the Marathi language in which the main

song is sung. The song is a Romantic song depicting the feelings of a teenager or a youngster having fallen (in love) for a girl having a “Dimple on her

Cheeks” which is what”Galavar Khali” means in Marathi language).

Chorus says the following sentences (starting from 1:30 Minutes of the Sound Track of the Song “Galavar Khali”)

1st Sentence (You have to tell me after hearing the song by clicking link above. You can hear that song as many times as you wish by visiting the above

webpage and also replaying the song or that part of the song because’s Music Player has control has a slider bar). But as far as I could grasp the

first sentence begins like “You are the one who …” (pls try to grasp and complete the half sentence I had grasped it correctly).

2nd Sentence “Thinks about you every night and day. He Loves You.”

3rd sentence “Would you smile in his eyes, to the loser say “Hi”. He is waiting for the your moment you say … (the Chorus Stops at this point and Main Male

Singer takes control of that song and completes the sentence by saying “I Love You”. The Main Singer of the song is Swapnil Bandodkar and he says only this

much in English and the rest he sings in Marathi.

Although the song is in Marathi the base of the song is Western and so even Americans or Britons or any foreigners for that matter can like the song (the

tune) although they may not be understanding Marathi (the language in which the song had been written and sung). The Music has been given by Ajay-Atul who

had given Music to several Hindi films like Agneepath (Remember “Chikni Chameli” or “Deva Shri Ganesha”) or Singham.

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    9 days ago

    amay tamaco balo bashi


    tanay prem kany choo

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