Can you paint a TV and still have it work? Or will the paint burn up and damage the system?

I want to paint my old Sanyo TV (you know, the big, prehistoric ones from the age before flatscreens) a different color than it is now, but I’m worried about the paint affecting the system.

Mainly, I just want to paint the “frame” of the tv, and not the back part that sticks out. I would use a paint brush rather than spray paint.

Can I do this?

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  • premiumtommy
    1 month ago

    DO NOT take the tv apart to paint it. you can be seriously electricuted even if it is unplugged. there are large capacitors inside the older tv’s that store power. just use painters tape to mask the area not needing paint. use the krylon fusion spray paints. they stick to plastic extremly well and come in some exotic colors. be sure to wipe down the parts needed to be painted w/ alcohol prior to painting.

    i painted one of my older motorcycle plastics w/ the krylon fusion and it stayed on at over 170mph w/o sanding prior to painting. nuff said

  • chiped_wood
    1 month ago

    If you take the TV apart and paint the casing it would be fine.

    Although I would suggest spray paint over a paintbrush for a better finish.

    If it was me I would do this:

    Get a can of spray paint and some fine grain sandpaper from Halfords.

    I would take the TV apart and sand down the casing until all the slightly glossy finish is gone. (I sand it down because new paint does not take very well to machined plastics.)

    I would give it 2-3 coats of spray paint, let it dry and put it together looking all snazzy.

    The only worry is heat getting to the paint if you do it this way, and because I would use spray paint this would not be a problem.

    Hope that helps.

  • DawnAnn
    6 days ago

    Absolutely! But DO NOT spray paint it! Do a bit of prep work and it will be beautiful for years. I know because I painted mine. It too, was a “dinosaur”. First, gently wash the outside plastic with a damp cloth. Next, apply with a soft bristle brush a coat of Kilz. It will act as both a sealant and an adherant. Once the Kilz is completely dry, apply a coat, or two, of your paint. Make sure to be careful around the air slots on the back and control knobs. Do not get paint running into them. If you take your time, you will have beautiful results. I painted mine white to match my shabby chic decor. I added roses waterslide decals to the sides of the tv and hot glued silk roses to the corners around the screen! It has been 3 years now and it still looks just beautiful!

  • William W
    1 month ago

    Sure you can paint it, but first use your hand to feel the temperature of the parts you want to paint (after the set has been on a while). If it’s not uncomfortably warm / hot, then go ahead. Be artistic. The paint will in no way affect the set’s performance.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It would be fine, and yeah i know what tv your talking about, my grandparents had one but the color went out a week ago. But yeah like the other answers i would get some spray paint because it doesnt peel off that bad.

    :] good luck.

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