Can you flush condoms down the toilets ?

I don’t do sex..but when i get a hard penis i like to use condoms..can i flush them down the toilet or do i put it in the trash so my sister can see..ew. i care about the lakes.

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    You should NOT put condoms into the toilet. The only things to go into ANY toilet are human liquid and solid waste plus toilet paper. Anything else can not only clog up your local toilet system but will also play havoc in the sewers and at the sewage plant.

    You should wrap your used condoms up and dispose of them in the trash. If you wrap suitably your family members will not see what is being disposed of.

  • RedNek
    8 days ago

    It would depend on how old the plumbing is coming out of the toilet. I have OLD plumbing, condoms get caught on the clay tiles whenever I flush them, so I have to wrap them in toilet paper and put them in the garbage. If you’ve got newer pipes they’re probably PVC, if they were installed right there won’t be any snags for a condom to get caught on

  • Guy
    8 days ago

    Condoms can clog a toilet.

    Wrap them it a tissue and put them in the trash.

    If you have a dog be sure it can’t get to the wastebasket the seen to be attracted to the smell of condoms.

  • bubik
    5 days ago

    Do not flush them down the bathroom. They will intent a situation either together with your plumbing, or the sewer line. And the guys at the wastewater cure plant are not going to be completely satisfied should you screw up the plant. Just tie a knot in it and toss it in the trash.

  • Chad b
    8 days ago

    Use a trashcan 🙂

    Condoms can probably ruin your toilet

  • Britney Spears
    8 days ago

    It’ll block your toilet. Place it in the bin.

  • TJ T
    8 days ago

    Sewer system = Ok

    Septic System = No

  • Mikey Grisham
    8 days ago

    I think you can as long as you don’t put to many at one time

  • Brandee
    6 days ago

    very confusing problem. look at bing and yahoo. this might help!

  • John N
    8 days ago

    either place is fine to dispose of it.

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