Can you eat Sweet Potato with Gallstones?

My mom has Gallstones, We have decided not to get surgery & just change the diet for ever. Is it ok to Eat Gallstones? is there a good website with a list of foods to eat/not to eat & more info on Gallstones? Also what about Wheat Spaghetti? & white spaghetti? What about Wheat bread?

Thank you!

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  • sepowens1968
    1 month ago

    The primary foods to avoid with gallstones are those high in fat. Less fat means less of an enzyme clled cholecystokinin (CCK) being relased to stimulate the gall bladder into releasing bile. It is this stimlation which causes the muscles in the gall bladder to contract and grind itself against the gallstones. A low fat diet keeps enzyme levels low and stimulation (hopefully) gentle so there are fewer attacks of pain.

    I have incuded several references concerning diet that seem sensible in the sources below after the wikipedia article on the gallbladder. Good luck

  • Maxine
    5 days ago

    Get Rid of Gallstones in as Little

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Sweet potato is fine…it is mainly food high in fat are the ones to avoid/reduce…such as fish and chips, alot of take aways, bacon, some people can eat white bread with no butter, chocolate, …wheat is OK for some people…trial and error.

    Eating smaller portions as even healthy large meals can trigger an attack…

  • Zipfly
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure but I think they would be rather hard to bite into, no? Not sure about eating them with spaghetti or bread. Probably still quite hard and bad for the teeth.

    1. Yes she can have sweet potatoes.. Just in small portions.. I have gall stones but they are small so the will go away with a healthy diet..

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