Can you drink WKD when pregnant?

It’s my brothers 18th birthday and my mum is ten weeks pregnant… is she allowed to drink WKD since it only has a little alcohol, or is even a bit harmful to her baby? Please help 😛

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  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒßяσкєη ѕιℓєη¢є©♣✿
    9 days ago

    No she shouldn’t. Why risk it?

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    What would be the point in drinking the alcohol if shes only gunna have one bottle? It woyld have no effect on her but it would have an effect on the baby, doctors used to tell women it was ok to have one glass of red wine a week but even that has been proven to have an effect on the baby as it takes a bit of a fit in the womb, either way is it worth the risk?

  • Alice
    9 days ago

    A pregnant woman is allowed 2 units of alcohol a week if I can remember correctly but this is not suggested in early pregnancy. I have met a few pregnant women who would have the odd glass of wine, but anything more than that is not recommendatory. I would suggest looking at the number of units on the bottle. I personally would not drink at all but 1 or 2 units a week is not proven to do any harm.…

  • baronne
    4 days ago

    Fetal alcohol syndrome. the biggest element is injury to the innovations, which will bring about low IQ or psychological retartation. different subjects contain craniofacial deformities, sketeltal, cardiac, renal and occular abnormalities, besides as an entire selection of occasional deformities that would pop up everywhere on or interior the physique.

  • Kirkpatrick
    4 days ago


  • Ds
    9 days ago

    Go for it, deformed babies aren’t that bad

    even though it will be a painful life for your mum raising him and a painful life for him himself.

    That doesn’t matter if it is for wkd…

  • Jodie
    9 days ago

    she shouldnt drink no alcohol at all

  • Ttt
    9 days ago

    GO for it…if you want a misscarrige…..No offence but why even think about it….

  • croft
    9 days ago


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