Can vegans take Advil liqui-Gels?

I know they dont consume gelatin, and some pills have gelatin, but what about advil liqui-gels????

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  • Francesca >|<
    1 month ago

    those do have gelatin, hint gel. gelcaps and liquid gel contain geltain and anything jelly sounding.

    typically the powdered ones have no animal ingredients (but tylenol cold and im sure others have shellac (which is from insects)) but all of that medicine is tested on animals, making it technically not vegan.

    i try to go w/o medicine but if need be I will take some w/o any animal products IN them.

  • trees
    5 days ago

    Advil Liquid Gel Ingredients

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Advil liqui-gels have gelatin, so try and avoid them. It’s very hard to find vegetarian/vegan meds, but you can ask your doctor about it and he/she will help with a solution!

    Thanks for being compassionate!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Take them with water. If you chew then you’re going to have an unpleasant surprise. They are very bitter.

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