can u soften dogs nails before clipping?

i have 3 dogs (mum and her 2 boys), mum will go out 4 walks etc and she bites her nails. 2 pups are absoloutley terrified 2 go outside the garden gate, let alone go 2 vet. they dont go 4 walks so their nailsd are long and badly need clipped. vet gave me serum um tablets to calm them but it didnt work. nails are very thick and very difficult to trim. is there anything that will soften them 2 make it quick and easy 2 cut them?

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  • It’s Me!!
    1 month ago

    Yes you can just soak there feet in warm water dogs nails very pores there like a sponge they will absorb the water and soften the nails. If the nails are really long it’s better to soak the dogs paws in warm water to prevent the nails from splitting.

    Try to get your dog to stand in warm water for about 3-5 min if you can. This is why it’s best to do this when your dogs is getting a bath just because the nails are soaking. If you can get your dogs to stand in warm water it will make it much easier to trim the nails.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Soften Nails

  • stanley f
    1 month ago

    Have used the Dremel tool for many years on several dogs. Introduce the tool to the dog by petting him with it and give him a reward. Turn it on and repeat. Start trimming the nails for only 5 minutes, stop and turn it off and give the dog much praise and a reward. Repeat the process several times during the first week and in the future you’ll find the dog looking forward to the process and you can then keep doing it until all the nails are finished.

  • Moondog
    1 month ago

    Clip their nails after they have a bath. If you clip too short you will hurt them and the nails will bleed. Better you get the vet to do the job. Have these pups been vaccinated?

    I hope you are not letting the older dog wander around outside your property unleashed. Of course the pups are terrified if you’ve never socialised them. Put one at a time on a collar and leash and walk them around the yard until they are used to the lead. Then for heavens sake take them for a walk on lead. Never off lead.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    My dog at one point was really aggressive when we attempted to cut her nails but the leave it command really helped her. So every time we cut her nails one person would have her paw and trimming the nails and the other would have treats in their hand. Every time we cut a nail she would attempt to bite or make it look like that so we said leave it while still holding onto the paw. Then once she relaxed we gave her a treat and would continue on this process until all claws were trimmed. This may help you so good Luck

  • Groomingdales
    1 month ago

    Giving the pups a bath will help a little but I agree that you should consult the Help of a groomer. They can reteach you pets that nail trimming is not the end of the world and for a couple dollars you will have a lot less stress for all of you

  • Basel
    4 days ago

    short neat nails are nice and neat. I dont like long nails because dirt can get under these and it look nasty

    its digusting and gross when somebodys nails are usually all chewed up to the ending.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Small is a lot far better! Long nails are called “ghetto claws” for a reason. They make an individual look like no-class trash.

  • Julie D.
    1 month ago

    Just a suggestion; try using a cordless dremel tool. I have been using one for years and would never go back to using a clipper. You just have to get the dogs use to the humming noise, at first.

  • Amber H
    1 month ago

    they soften alittle if you give them a bath but they will still be scared. You need to get them to a vet.

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