Can sunflower seeds be associated with dehydration?

I work summer camps with children and they like to eat sunflower seeds. Our superior staff has told us that eating sunflower seeds can cause dehydration due to the salt level. In my learning I have been told that sodium helps to retain water, not the other way around. I understand that an excessive amount may be a problem, but these are kids. The only eat maybe three to five handfuls over a 6 hour period. Plus they eat lunch at 12:00 and are required to have a water bottle with them at all times. If I were the superior staff then I would be more concerned about what these kids have in their lunches, versus eating a few sunflower seeds. Anyone like to comment on this, please prove that my teachings were not wrong.

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  • MmHmmYup
    1 month ago

    My husband works in the oilfields in 100+ degree weather and he eats sunflower seeds so he will be thirsty to drink water to keep him hydrated so yes I’d think they are associated. Sunflower seeds have salt that makes you thirsty because when you sweat you’re losing salt and water, so you need to drink water too if you’re going to be eating sunflower seeds on a hot day.

  • Missy
    1 month ago

    Well, answer this: After eating something salty, are you thirsty? If the answer is yes, then yes, it is associated with dehydration. People hate salt in their diet, because it stays in their system longer. I suppose that’s why we get thirsty. As for the sunflower seeds, I think the staff is probably overly strict. You’re right; they should be more concerned about the actual meals these kids eat. There are much more unhealthier things than sunflower seeds! I’m totally with you.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Its salty, so yes it may cause dehydration.

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