Can someone please give me a short declamation piece about happiness or contentment in life?

In english please. Anything related to being a happy and contented person. THANKS A LOT!!

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  • Sophist
    1 month ago

    Happiness is an attitude not an emotion. Contentment is a situation in which one is willing to be or remain in. When your attitude is such that you are happy, then when contented, your are happy to remain where you are.

  • Mark F
    1 month ago

    Happiness and contentment are two subjects that are completely misunderstood in this modern/post-modern age. Happiness is not something you search for as that leads to misery and dissatisfaction and discontentment. Happiness as it was understood in times past was more related to improvement in character and living for something bigger than one’s self. Happiness/Contentment are the byproduct of such a life.

    This is what is called getting “first things first, not second things first”. Happiness is a second thing. Living the Good Life has nothing to do with what you have or what you get. It should properly be understood as what you are becoming as a human person and living for that greater purpose. And those things should be sought after with no thought of what you will get out of it. This has been the understanding of happiness in times past and in the Constitution (of the US).

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