Can somebody give me the meaning the song Done With Bonaparte by Mark Knopler?

I need a good explanation of the song or a project. Thanks


Can you give me a good analyzation of each verse and the chorus ? Thanks

Can you give me a good analyzation of each verse and the chorus ? Thanks

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  • Rosemarie
    8 days ago

    The first stanza describes the French army’s retreat from Moscow in 1812. This might be the most disastrous military campaign in history. Napoleon Bonaparte had decided to invade Russia. Rather than fight, the Russian army just burned the fields and retreated. Eventually the French army arrived in Moscow, hoping to find provisions. But the Russians burned Moscow also. The French army was in a desperate state. Without food or winter clothing, the French army had no option but to try to return to France. Only then did the Russian army (the cossacks) show up and they started slaughtering the French.

    The chorus is like a prayer – Lord please protect me. I am finished with this man.

    The next stanza talks of how Bonaparte (the little corporal) was able to inspire soldiers to fight with dreams of exotic places. The battle of Austerlitz was a great victory. The soldier in this song probably was honored to lose an eye for Bonaparte then. He was not yet “done” with him.

    The last stanza is just one of longing. Longing to see his true love again and longing that his child would never encounter someone who would entice the child to follow him (as the father followed Bonaparte).

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