Can Royal Canin make my puppy hyper?

i have a pug puppy of 16 weeks, the breeder i brought him from was feeding him on Royal Canin junior. to make his move easier i just thought it would be best to keep him on it. but he seem extremely manic! i know he’s a puppy but he just does NOT stop! to calm him down i just have to put him to bed! but not only is he running around he’s also being walked and i play with him in the garden and we run around outside. but he’s just unstopable! what can i do? is it the food or is it just that he’s a puppy?

But i have to say i’ve never known a puppy like him!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    He is just a very healthy hyper baby, keep him on the Royal, but you may want to read the ingredients, it has a lot of corn meal, and wheat’s in it.

    if a dog food does not have the meat ingredient listed first, then the dog is not getting all the protein it needs.

    it is a good dog food..and a lot of people do use it..

    I had my one Akita on it, but changed him to Canidae, due to all the meal in it……his coat was not doing what I wanted it to do, since changing him last month, I have seen a big difference in him and he loves it, I feed the lamb and brown rice, and chicken and brown rice….he loves it.

    good luck

    but a puppy will be hyper, so enjoy your new baby, this is normal for a puppy….I don’t think the dog food is doing it…he just loves you and is showing out for you.

  • rebelphoto
    1 month ago

    You did not mention what was the breed of your puppy…

    I have an 8-months young female Golden Retriever puppy who was fed with ProFormance by the breeder, however, she obviously did not like the food, so we tried a few samples and ended up with Royal Canin Junior. She just can’t get enough of it, we sometimes mix a few spoons of yoghurt or grated apple with the kibbles.

    She has been very active since Day 1, even before getting Royal Canin – when we go to a park, she starts running really fast in circles around me and never gets tired of fetching. My brother has a Jack Russell Terrier, and our Golden can always keep up with her, sometimes has even more energy 🙂 Guess that is fine as long as she is still a puppy and simply needs to spend the energy, so you should not worry…

  • Nancy M
    1 month ago

    Just like kids, all puppies are different but all puppies have two things in common – they have lots of energy to burn and they are untrained. In over fifty years training dogs I will say I have yet to see one ‘hyper’ dog – when an owner tells me that, what I find is an untrained dog, and that is one of the characteristics of a puppy 🙂 It likely has nothing to do with the food at all.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    No. Pedigree and Royal Canin are crap. Do your own research. But some good brands are Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Acana, Wellness.

  • Katarina
    1 month ago

    well i think its not the food, my puppy dog eats the same Royal Canin Junior and its acting normal and it likes to play (its very active)… if theres a competition for dogs in a pet park in your town u can train your doggy for it so it will be active and it will get tired a lil bit so it will sleep like a baby at night and it will be happy for beeing with other dogs!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It wont be the food.

    I feed it to my poms, and it keeps them in top condition for showing. Their coats are beautiful, they are happy, clear eyes, and they enjoy eating it.

    I often give them raw meat to eat as well, either fish chicken or beef. Often give them bones for their teeth, and and they get cheese and an egg every now n then.

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