Can rabbits eat Ice cream?

I was on the sofa one night with ice cream and my rabbit came up and had a couple of licks is this ok?

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  • MyPets1031
    8 days ago

    Rabbits are lactose intolerant which means they can’t digest the sugars (lactose) in dairy products. It doesn’t kill them but it isn’t good. This could cause gas in the stomach or soft poop or even diareah. With just a lick or two I doubt anything will happen but be careful in the future and look out for any signs of being lethargic, lack of appetite and not drinking. if this happens rush your bunny to the vet, not eating or drinking will shut the rabbit’s stomach down and they can die within 24 hours of eating.

  • new nanna
    8 days ago

    A couple of licks isn’t the end of the world, but you shouldn’t make a habit of it. A rabbits main diet is good quality hay. They have totally different digestive systems to other animals so don’t be tempted to give them an incorrect diet.

  • Buddy the Hammy
    8 days ago

    two licks is okay but ice cream is incredibly bad for a rabbit!

  • Addison
    5 days ago

    My baby bunny had about a few lick and he is okay but he keeps on wanting some but I m not gonna give him more it s bad for them and they shouldn t have milk

  • Atropine
    8 days ago

    It is too sugary so you shouldn’t willingly feed her it, but if she only licked it a few times she will be fine. Just avoid it in future.

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