can i use frozen pepto bismol?

my pepto bismol froze, i want to know if it is safe to use after it thaws out

4 Answers

  • samanny
    2 decades ago

    I would make sure to shake it well, I would think that some ingredients may seperate.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    My labrador drank an entire bottle of Pepto once and was fine. (Her poop was pitch black, but she did poop) So, since both medicines end diarrhea, go with pepto. Give a child’s dose. ***NOTE*** Over the counter remedies can cause more harm than good. It could be some other sickness that the OTC doesn’t treat. They could get sicker while you realize it’s not helping. Please consider a vet.

  • Sublime
    2 decades ago

    Sure, it’ll be safe to use however it’s effectiveness was lowered drastically.

  • pretty girl
    2 decades ago

    I think it would be ok.

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