Can I take Zicam with NyQuil/DayQuil?

I’ve got a horrible cold and have been taking Zicam fairly regularly, but while it will supposedly make my cold end sooner, it’s not doing much for my symptoms. Zicam doesn’t have the same active ingredients as DayQuil so I think it should be okay to take them together, but I’m still nervous about mixing meds. Can anyone confirm for me that it’s safe to take the two together?

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  • Ziggi
    10 hours ago

    Mixing Zicam and nuquil or dayquil should not be a problem. Zicam is not really a drug. It’s more of a dietary supplement. The active ingredient is basically zinc which is a metal that is found in many human foods. It’s believed that zinc boosts the immune system and would therefore help your cold but there is really no evidence that it does anything for colds. I would personally not waste my money on buying Zicam. Get some cheap zinc supplements instead if you believe it works. It can’t hurt.

    You should be perfectly fine taking Zicam with most medications.

  • alisha
    5 days ago

    My whole family makes use of Zicam i don’t don’t forget it cure because it does now not specially have a style. It’s sprayed inside the mouth a couple of times day-to-day nonetheless it really works as the indications of the bloodless disappear after an afternoon or 2. Instead of that you’ll use common treatments nevertheless those take longer to relieve indicators, bear in mind to feed a fever and starve a bloodless grandma’s announcing in distinctive phrases drink tons of drinks.

  • stephanie
    4 days ago

    same questions is it okay to take nyquil with zicam

  • bsperoz
    5 days ago

    I take Zicam with DayQuil. It’s cuts the days I have to take DayQuil in half.

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