Can i put 24 inch rims on my V6 SUV?

I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous and I’m trying to put it on some 24’s or 22’s, but my brother told me 24’s will ruin the transmission. I don’t know much about it but I’m just asking for the dangers of putting my vehicle on 24’s.thank you very much

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    10 hours ago

    Dangers of using those big wheels:

    1. Much slower acceleration. Every 1lb increase in wheel weight is like reducing your cars power by 1-1.7hp approximately. Going from stock 17″ wheels which, on that Buick, are probably about 20lbs, to a 24″ chrome wheel that’s probably about 40lbs, you’re talking about losing 80+hp.

    2. Much worse braking. The brakes don’t resist the weight of the car, they resist the rotation of the tires. If you have twice the weight rotating around the brakes, and that weight is further away from the caliper, the brakes will have to work much harder. This means you will wear out brake pads and calipers faster, you will have to press the brakes harder to stop the same, and in a panic stop, you can increase the distance significantly. It isn’t uncommon for a car or truck to add 50-75 feet to their 60mph stopping distance, and nearly 200 feet from 80mph. That can be the difference between narrowly avoiding an accident and causing a 4 car pileup or killing someone.

    3. Much worse handling. The shocks and struts, again, don’t control the motion of the body as much as they control the motion of the wheel/tire. If the whole wheel/tire combination is drastically heavier with those big wheels, the shocks and springs can’t do their job properly, and handling will drastically suffer for it. It will also make the car harder to control since sharp bumps can cause the tire to lose contact with the ground and bounce, which it wouldn’t do with lighter, stock sized tires and wheels.

    4. Poor weather traction will be much worse. The rubber bands you would have to stretch over wheels like that are not typically good in snow, having shallow tread depths (under 12/32″) like a sports car tire. This defeats the purpose of owning an SUV.

    Lastly, you might want to check with local LEOs, because many municipalities are making it illegal to put wheels that big on vehicles for the exact safety concerns above.

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    10 hours ago

    you can anything you want its your car and your money. but yes larger wheels and or tires put more stress on brakes and drive line. if you want it do it, if you are more worry of the consequences, pass.

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