Can I play multiplayer on N64 Emulators?

I know I could play Emulated N64 games online. But can I play a 2 player game with both players on the same keyboard? If so, how?

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    1 month ago

    Online, i believe with most versions of Emulators that this feat can not be achieved. But for two players, you can change the settings via controls and connect “Controller” to be active. For Most Emulators, go to input settings. This would bring up a screen with the input settings for player one. It should also show a check-box or a similar system that shows that this controller is active. For more players, check another controller slot and set its settings.

    PS. I would recommend 2 keyboards if you can (connect one by using a USB port instead of the stock port). Though the game itself runs well on one keyboard, the “closed” space factor would get quite annoying after a while. Plus, it limits players to a area of the keyboard (one person gets the arrow keys and number keys, the other gets the letters)

  • ?
    5 days ago

    no the n64 does not have wifi that meens you can’t play online

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