Can I lie about having my Highschool Diploma on a job application?

When I was 16, I had to drop out of highschool for personal reasons. I’m in the process of getting my GED, but it’s hard when you don’t have a job. Do restaurants do education checks? It is a common thing in the job world? I really need this job, and I don’t think they’ll hire me if they knew I dropped out.


Also, I’m obviously much more educated than the people answering this question based on grammar alone.

Also, I’m obviously much more educated than the people answering this question based on grammar alone.

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  • Mel
    1 month ago

    well you could lie…but if they do figure out you could get in some serious trouble..why dont you put on the application that you dropped out for personnal reasons…? well i hope this helps a bit..

    P.S if that were me i wouldnt lie…

  • Some dude
    1 month ago

    Restaurants, no, they probably won’t check. Unless this is your first job, then they will have no other sources to check, then there is a good chance they will.

    I don’t think it’s even illegal to lie on the application. I don’t know why the other posters say you’d get in lots of trouble. I very well could be wrong, I might investigate that further if I were you.

    But if it isn’t illegal as I suspect it is not, so what they don’t hire you on the off chance they do check. They won’t hire you in this crazy bad job market if you tell the truth and there’s someone more qualified than you anyways.

  • CyberRonin
    7 days ago

    High school diploma doesn’t even matter in most cases. Especially once you get to a certain age, UNLESS it’s a higher paying job in which case you’d probably have something higher than a high school diploma anyways.

  • JC
    1 month ago

    I have never known an employer to check for a high school diploma. Son had to lie about the same thing and has been working at the same job for over 2 yrs now.

  • vanessa
    6 days ago

    I just wanted to reply in case anyone in the future is wondering but yes you can lie. I lied until I was 21 when I finally decided I wanted to take it for myself. Your GED doesn’t matter now days nor does you degree in college. As of now I work for a brokerage making 6 figures a year and have no degrees as far as college goes (aged 23 now) and I just received my GED because I decided to take it as a challenge for myself. People are stupid if they honestly believe employers check, unless your working for a fortune 500 or a major company I wouldn’t worry about it. College degrees are becoming less and less needed in the workforce unless your an engineer or studying medicine.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    People say you should go ahead and lie about your high school diploma. After all what could happen to you it s not illegal to lie on a job application. So at most you don t get the job or you do get the job then get fired. Well here is another thought about this subject. What happens may be that you lie on the application, they don t check and you get the job. Things work out fine four 3 – 5 years, you get married and start a family, then you start buying a house and a car. Then you come up for a big promotion that will send you pay check into the six figure range, so now they go back and check your application and verify all the information on it. Now they find out you lied on your application, it s still not illegal but it is fraud. So they fire you. Now you have a spouse, kid, house payment, car payment, maybe two cars, and no job. What could be worse is now you apply for another job they want to know your employment history. So what do you do now lie about you education again and lie about your previous employment too. Because they will check your last employer. So what are your chances if you last employer says they fired you because they found out you lied on your application to them. Maybe if the like you the prospective new employer will check your application thoroughly to see if you told them the truth this time, more likely they will say this person sounds untrustworthy and hire someone else. Now how do you make that house payment, and those car payments, and most importantly how do you feed your family. Because sooner or later your lie will come back and ruin your day, maybe your life. This is why “Honesty is always the best policy”.

  • Katharine
    1 month ago

    Restaurants hire people who haven’t gotten their high school diplomas yet, a.k.a. students. So simply put on your application that you expect your diploma in whatever month you expect to finish.

    Lying on a job application is never a good idea. Neither is insulting people who’re trying to help you.

  • Orville
    1 month ago

    lol you wouldnt want to,,, depend on the job,,, u apply for,,, they normally check with the state… most diploma and ged are in the state system,,,, dont lie… just go get it… it will make u feel better in the long run

  • B0B
    1 month ago

    u can lie during the interview, but if u get into the job, sooner or later their gonna check ur files and then find out and ask y u didn’t get ur highschool diploma and y u lied to them. just to make it short… u get in serious trouble.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    everyone i know that hasdropped out sas they have a ged….just put that anyways they r not going to check

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