Can i have paste (chicken) when im pregnant?

i know i cant have pate but there two different things. thanks


Sorry if i wasnt clear. i want to eat paste

Sorry if i wasnt clear. i want to eat paste

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  • talks good s hit
    1 month ago

    yes its perfectly safe in fact when i was pregnant with my third child i lived on chicken paste sandwiches my midwife knew this and said it was the amount i was eating that was the problem,not the paste you enjoy!

  • phoenix2frequent
    1 month ago

    The little jars of chicken paste, like Shippam’s and Princes?

    You’ll be absolutely fine.

    The problem with pâtés (all of them, including vegetarian pâtés) is the possibility of listeria bugs being present. Since jars of paste are processed by sterilising, they’re as bug-free as you could get in any prepared food, though of course you need to be sensible about keeping it refrigerated and using it up quickly once the jar’s opened.

    To the various baffled people above, ‘paste’ is actually the English word for pâté, though we use the French word when talking about fresh-prepared pâtés. Chicken paste is a pre-prepared chicken sandwich spread, sold in small jars. It needs no refrigeration until the jar is opened, because the recipe uses a sterilising bottling process.

    Sorry about the last-minute answer; I’ve only just seen this question. Hope it’s still helpful to you… and good luck with the mum-to-be thing!

  • Rli R
    1 month ago

    Don’t know if you mean chicken base which is kind of like bouillon or not but when I was pregnant, anything that contained a lot of salt was forbidden and chicken base, chicken bouillon, any meat product out of a can would be a no no.

    The salt in them would cause you to retain water and towards the end of your pregnancy could cause toxemia.

    I reread your question. If what you mean by paste is ground up chicken so fine it’s like a paste, then yes, you can have that as long as you don’t use salt in it.

  • zakiit
    1 month ago

    Not a good idea. Paste is similar to pate. Sorry, but it would do neither you or your baby any good. Hold off until after pregnancy.

  • justme
    1 month ago

    If you can’t have pate, then you can’t have chicken livers either. I don’t know what chicken paste is, but if it’s just ground up cooked chicken with some kind of filler, then knock yourself out.

  • CynCity
    1 month ago

    What on earth is paste chicken??? Do you mean pate? I’ve never heard of chicken pate if so……wtf are you talking about


    So you want to eat paste? This means you are lacking in certain vitiams and or minerals. Not to scare you but you need to have your doc check you out make sure the babe is ok. I was craving charcoal and my daughter was born with spina bifida. I account the cravings to lack of folic acid which has been shown to cause spina bifida…

  • Sugar Pie
    1 month ago

    WHAT?! You want to eat chicken paste or pate’?

  • Marcia M
    1 month ago

    I don’t see why not, as long as the chicken is cooked through.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


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