can I give pediasure 9 month old baby?

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  • D
    6 days ago

    There would be no earthly reason to give a nine month old Pediasure. They should be getting breast milk or formula as their primary nutrition, supplemented with solid foods, and the content of that is perfectly adequate. Even the manufacturer of this product states it shouldn’t be given to children under two without doctor’s advice, and should not be used for babies under one year at all. If you are worried about your child’s nutritional status, talk with the pediatrician.

  • Lara
    6 days ago

    You 9 month old baby should still be on infant formula or breastmilk. Pediasure is for children over 24 months. Children 12-24 months should be eating plenty of table foods. If they are not, they should be drinking breastmilk or formula.

  • JoyaSee
    6 days ago

    No, babies need breast milk or formula until age 1, then can go to whole cow’s milk.

  • Tulip
    6 days ago

    That baby should be drinking formula so no

  • K
    6 days ago

    Call a pharmacy or the babies doc. Why do you think he/she needs it?

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